Earl J. Heinrich

Course Papers

Anth 5021W Anthropology of the Middle East Spring 2015 William O. Beeman Article Critique/Analysis of "A New Map of the Middle East" by Michael Petrou
The Importance of the Patriline in Middle Eastern Cultures and Its Impact on the Lives of Women
The Vanished Language:  Whatever Happened to Meroitic?
AGS 500 Principles of Research Fall 2013 Susan Belangee Aspects of Ancient African Archaeology: Methods and Techniques Used in the Study of the Cultures and Civilizations of Ancient Northern Africa
Anth 5027 Origins of European Civilization Fall 2012 Peter Wells The Mediterranean Wine Trade and the Development and Decline of the Fürstensitze in Iron Age Euope
  Archaeology of Britain Fall 2010 Peter Wells Avebury
Hist 4052 Ancient Near East & Egypt II Spring 2004 Eva von Dassow Panehesy, The Last Viceroy
Hist 4051 Ancient Near East & Egypt I Fall 2003 Eva von Dassow Kerma:  Tenochtitlan of Ancient Nubia?
  History & Historiography Before Herodotus   Eva von Dassow Meroe
Hist 3609 Military History of Medieval Europ Winter 1996 Bernard Bachrach Adrianople
Clas 5103 Hellensitic Art & Archaeology Fall 1995 Cooper Temple of Isis at Philae
MELC 3511 Ancient Iran Fall 1995 Iraj Bashiri Greek Bactria
Hist 3515 Historians of Greece & Rome Winter 1995 John K. Evans  
Clas. 5950 Cultural Aspects of Classical Antquity-Rome vs. Persia Winter 1995 Oliver P. Nicholson Aksum
Clas. 1023 Age of Constantine the Great Spring 1994 Oliver P. Nicholson Meroe
Hist. 3700 I, Claudius Winter 1993 John K. Evans Maroboduus
Hist. 3631 Medieval Germany Fall 1992 Edward Schoenfeld Frederick II, HRE
Hist. 3961 Major Paper Spring 1992 Michael Metcalf Varus Disaster
MEST 3610 Vikings at Home and Away Winter 1992 Michael Metcalf Varangians
ANST 5178 Archaeology of Northern Europe Winter 1992 Peter Wells  
MEST 3610 Age of Justinian and Muhammed Fall 1990 Oliver P. Nicholon Library of Alexandria
ANST 5120 Archeology of Prehistoric Europe Fall 1990 Peter Wells  
Clas 3175 Topography of Constantinople Winter 1990 Joseph Alchermes Church of Christ in Chora