Earl J. Heinrich

Principle Instructors

John K. Evans (History) Roman History I-IV
Historians of Greece & Rome
Ancient Egypt
I, Claudius
Bernard S. Bachrach (History) advisor for major paper on Varus Disaster
Medieval Warfare
History of the Crusades
Joseph Alchermes (formerly of CNES) Byzantine Civilization
Topography of Constantinople
Age of Augustus
Oliver Nicholson (CNES) Age of Constantine
Age of St. Augustine of Hippo
Age of Justinian & Mohammed
Roman-Persian Wars
Phillip H. Sellew (CNES) Jesus in Hisory
Roman Religion & Early Christianity
Ancient Israel III (Grco-Roman Period)
Hellenistic Religion
Eva von Dassow (History & CNES) History & Historiography Before Herodotus
Ancient Near East & Egypt I & II
Christopher Monroe (formerly of CNES) Introduction to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East