Earl J. Heinrich

Selected Coursework

Minneapolis Community & Technical College:

Course Title Instructor

University of Minnesota:

Course Name Instructor Term
Age of Homer William Coulson Fall 1986
History of Rome:  133-31 BC John K. Evans Fall 1986
Age of Augustus Joseph Alchermes Winter 1987
Ancient Civilization II John K. Evans Winter 1987
History of Rome:  31 BC - AD 235 John K. Evans Winter 1987
History of Rome: AD 235-395 John K. Evans Spring 1987
Human Geography   Spring 1987
History of Ancient Egypt John K. Evans Fall 1987
Introduction to the History of Science I Alan Shapiro Fall 1987
Introduction to Byzantine Civilization Joseph Alchermes Winter 1989
History of Rome:  to 133 BC John K. Evans Winter 1989
Roman Art & Archaeology Joseph Alchermes Spring 1989
Age of Sutton Hoo Calvin Kendall Spring 1989
Age of Nero   Fall 1989
Introduction to Urban Geography Roger Miller Fall 1989
Topography of Constantinople Joseph Alchermes Spring 1990
Medieval England Barbara Hanawalt Spring 1990
Ancient Israel I Jonathan Paradise Summer 1990
Greek & Roman Mythology Jackson Hershbel Summer 1990
Archaeology of Prehistoric Europe Peter Wells Fall 1990
Introduction to Archaeology Guy Gibbon Fall 1990
Age of Justinian & Mohammad Oliver Nicholson Fall 1990
Rise of Civilization Guy Gibbon Winter 1991
Medieval Cities of Europe Kathryn Reyerson Winter 1991
Language of Maps   Spring 1991
Mexico:  Pre-Columbian to Revolution   Spring 1991
Archaeology of Northern Europe Peter Wells Winter 1992
Vikings at Home and Away Michael Metcalf Winter 1992
History of Archeology Guy Gibbon Spring 1992
Medieval Germany Edward Schoenfeld Fall 1992
Age of St. Augustine of Hippo Oliver Nicholson Winter 1993
"I, Claudius" John K. Evans Winter 1993
Age of Alexander   Spring 1993
Civilizations of Ancient Asia   Fall 1993
Classical Epic in Translation Nita Krevans Winter 1994
History of Ancient Art Frederick Cooper Winter 1994
Age of Constantine the Great Oliver Nicholson Spring 1994
Biblical Archaeology Peter Sellew Spring 1994
Survey of Islamic Art   Fall 1994
Age of Caesar   Fall 1994
Roman-Persian Wars Oliver Nicholson Winter 1995
Historians of Greece & Rome John K. Evans Winter 1995
Roman Religion & Early Christianity Peter Sellew Spring 1995
Hellenistic Art & Archaeology Frederick Cooper Fall 1995
Ancient Iran Iraj Bashiri Fall 1995
Greek & Hellenistic Religion Peter Sellew Winter 1996
Military History of Medieval Europe Bernard Bacharach Winter 1996
Ancient Israel III:  Hellenistic & Roman Period Peter Sellew Spring 1996
History of the Crusades Bernard Bacharach Spring 1996
Jesus in History Peter Sellew Fall 1996
History of the Arabs to AD 800 Cesar Farah Fall 1996
Ancient Israel II   Winter 1997
New Testament Peter Sellew Winter 1997
Introduction to Greek & Roman Archaeology Andrea Berlin Fall 1997
History & Historiography Before Herodotus Eva von Dassow Spring 2003
Ancient Near East & Egypt I Eva von Dassow Fall 2003
Ancient Near East & Egypt II Eva von Dassow Spring 2004
Introduction to Near Eastern Archaeology Christopher Monroe Spring 2005
World of the Bible Calvin Roetzel Spring 2009
Ancient Greece:  Golden Age of Athens   Spring 2009
Medieval German Literature   Fall 2009
Archaeology of the British Isles Peter Wells Fall 2010
Origins of European Civilization Peter Wells Fall 2012