Earl J. Heinrich

Class Projects

Fall 2015 Anth 8005 Linguistic Anthropology

Paper #1: Application of Historical Linguistic Analysis to Iroquoian

Paper #2: The Vocabulary of Learning Technologies

Final Paper: Who Were the Mississippians? Disappearance of an Ancient Native American Culture

Unpublished Article

In the Summer of 2014 I was asked to write an article about Technology in Education by the Guest Editors (Marina Bluvshtein and Dan Haugen) for a special issue of Journal of Individual Psychology about technology for Summer 2015.  Because all the articles were too long everyone was asked to shorten them, but there was still too much verbiage to fit into the issue, so some articles (mine included) were cut.  I'm posting it here in its original maximum verbosity form.  It was intended for a general audience with little background in The Applications of Technology in Education, as many readers of that journal would not have a great deal of experience in the realm of Learning Technologies.

Spring 2015 Anth 5021 Anthropology of the Middle East

Paper #1: Article Critique/Analysis of "A New Map of the Middle East" by Michael Petrou

Paper #2: The Importance of the Patriline in Middle Eastern Cultures and Its Impact on the Lives of Women

Final Paper: The Vanished Language:  Whatever Happened to Meroitic?

Fall 2014

Thoughtful Design Projects

iPhone App

iPad App

Blue Sky Design Exercise

Website Critique


Fall 2013

Aspects of Ancient African Archaeology: Paper for 500 Principles of Research at Adler Graduate School taught by Susan Belangee

Ancient Nubia Module 1

Spring 2013

Motivational Video

Fall 2012

Final paper for Origins of European Civilization taught by Peter S. Wells: The Mediterranean Wine Trade and the Development and Decline of the Fürstensitze in Iron Age Europe.

Ancient Nubia Course Online (In Development)

Presentation About Ancient Nubia Course Design as PowerPoint (.ppsx) and .pdf

Spring 2012

Ancient Sudan Presentation

What is Adventure Learning Video


Fall 2011

final project for Flash Design is here.


Spring 2011

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Video Assignment

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Web Gallery Assignment:

InfoViz Assignment


PhotoGrid Assignment


Two Tommys

Two Tommys

Other Papers

Kerma: Tenochtitlan of Ancient Nubia? Ancient Near East & Egypt I Eva von Dassow Fall 2003

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Final Website for Web Design Class