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Ancient World Online--Open Access Ancient Nubia and Sudan
Full Text of Fontes Historiae Nubiorum I-IV
UNESCO General History of Africa v. 2
Lost Nubia: A Centennial Exhibit of Photographs from the 1905-1907 Egypt Expedition of the University of Chicago
The Nubia Salvage Project
The Lost Land of Nubia: Egypt’s Southern Neighbor in Africa
Ancient Nubia
Gallery of Artifacts from Exhibition “Ancient Nubia: Egypt’s Rival in Africa” e-books and texts
Project Gutenberg free ebooks

Week 1:  Introduction to the Ancient Sudan and Prehistory

FlipGrid Assignment: 
Answer the question:  What has interested you in the study of Ancient Nubia? in a short (90 second) video response on FlipGrid.


David N. Edwards. (2004). The Nubian Past.

Ch. 1 Nubia, the Sudan and Sudanic Africa


Marjorie M. Fisher, et al. (2012). Ancient Nubia:  African Kingdoms on the Nile.

Introduction (by Marjorie M. Fisher)

The Land of Nubia (by Peter Lacovara)

The Early Exploration and Archaeology of Nubia (by Peter Lacovara)

The Treasure of a Nubian Queen (by Peter Lacovara & Yvonne J. Markowitz)

Saving Nubia’s Legacy (by Zahi Hawass)

Archaeological Salvage in the Fourth Cataract, Northern Sudan (1991-2008) (by Geoff Emberling)


            David O’Connor. (1993). Ancient Nubia:  Egypt’s Rival in Africa.

            Introduction and Ch. 1. Understanding Ancient Nubia


László Török. (1995). Birth of an Ancient African Kingdom.

Preface and Introduction


László Török. (2009). Between Two Worlds.

ch. 3 The Beginnings:  A-Group Lower Nubia and the Emerging Egyptian State (c. 3700-2800 BC)


David N. Edwards. (2007). The Archeology of Sudan and Nubia.

Stanley Burstein. (2000). A New Kushite Historiography:  Three Recent Contributions to Nubia Studies.




David N. Edwards. (2004). The Nubian Past.

Ch. 2 Hunters, fishers and gatherers


Marjorie M. Fisher, et al. (2012). Ancient Nubia:  African Kingdoms on the Nile.

History of Nubia (by Marjorie M. Fisher, pp. 10-15)


Excerpts from UNESCO General History of Africa v. 2 (1981).

S. Adam & J. Vercoutter:

Ch. 8 The Importance of Nubia:  A Link Between Central Africa and the Mediterranean


Excerpts from Cambridge History of Africa v. 1 (1982).

Glynn Isaac: 
The Earliest Archaeological Traces:  The Nile Valley and Adjoining Desert Oases (ch. 3)

Philip Smith: 
The Late Palaeolithic and Epi-Paleaolithic of Northern Africa:  The Lower Nile Valley and Adjacent Oases (with introductory material, ch. 5)


Egypt Early Dynastic Map Egypt Old Kingdom Map North Africa/Near East Political Map Map of Kush Empire of Aksum Map Map of Nubia from Oriental Institute (U Chicago)
Early Dynastic Old Kingdom Political Kush Aksum Orietal Institute


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